Commercial Installation

In Wonderland


independent beauty salon

Discover a touch of sophistication at In Wonderland Beauty Salon, thanks to Ivy Cruz Flowers. Our recent collaboration introduces refined floral elements, including a captivating window display and elegant cherry blossom trees, subtly enhancing the salon’s ambiance.
Outside, passersby are greeted by the salon’s enchanting window display, while inside, cherry blossom trees add a tasteful nod to nature’s beauty. Clients can also enjoy selfie photo features adorned with tasteful floral accents, providing an elegant backdrop for capturing moments of beauty and style. At In Wonderland Beauty Salon, Ivy Cruz Flowers aims to elevate the client experience with understated floral touches that complement the salon’s corporate identity. Join us in embracing the synergy of nature and sophistication as we invite you to discover the serene charm of In Wonderland.


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