Commercial Installation

LA Maison

La Masion

Cafe, in Leicester

La Maison Café in Leicester proudly presents a new addition to its ambiance: a cherry blossom tree divider. This innovative feature, designed in contemporary shades of tan, brown, and burnt terracotta, serves as an elegant separator between two distinct sections of the space.
What sets this cherry blossom tree divider apart is its ability to enhance the atmosphere without imposing on the room’s height. Even in spaces with lower ceilings, this stunning feature adds a touch of natural beauty and sophistication. As visitors step into La Maison Café, they’ll be greeted by the gentle allure of cherry blossoms, subtly dividing the space while creating a sense of warmth and tranquility. Join us and experience the unique charm of this cafe, where every detail, including our exquisite cherry blossom divider, is designed to elevate your dining experience.


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