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Afrikana Restaurant – Hayes

Afrikana Hayes

Restaurant in Hayes

Afrikana first began it’s journey in 2018 in a small village called Aldridge in the Midlands. Their vision was to bring authentic home-cooked African inspired dishes to the main high street and incorporate them in dishes most loved by their consumers!
we were approached to design a unique greenery-based installation, a departure from their signature floral creations. Recognising the transformative power of plants, the team embraced the challenge of crafting an oasis within a bustling restaurant environment. The project entailed two key components: a captivating ceiling beam design and bespoke planters. The ceiling beam design instantly elevated the restaurant’s ambiance. Lush foliage, intertwined with delicate vines, created an inviting canopy that enveloped diners. This immersed patrons, enhancing their overall dining experience and leaving a lasting impression. The custom planters, meticulously crafted to complement the restaurant’s aesthetic, added a touch of sophistication and personality. Each planter was thoughtfully curated, featuring a diverse selection of foliage that harmonised with the existing décor. This project showcases our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exceeding client expectations. By seamlessly integrating nature into the restaurant’s interior, the team not only enhanced the visual appeal but also cultivated a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere. This successful collaboration highlights the versatility of Ivy Cruz’s expertise and our ability to deliver exceptional results across a wide range of design challenges. The impact of this project extends beyond the restaurant itself, serving as an inspiration for other businesses seeking to create unique and engaging spaces. Ivy Cruz’s innovative approach to artificial plant-based installations has the potential to transform any environment into a thriving oasis, fostering a sense of connection with nature and enhancing the well-being of those who experience it.


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